Sunday 30 December 2012

A work evening at the Horse Racing Track • Thursday 27th September

The photography job for the horse racing track in Malmö continues throughout the whole autumn. This evening there are special races until late.

Horses and Jockeys on their way out on the track ready to race


The tower at the final where I sit and shoot. The window is opened for the camera lens

Friday 28 December 2012

Logo & Website finished for ELISTRA CONSULTING • Thursday 20th Sept

 Finally! After many hours of work. From photo shoot in my studio, selection and editing of photos to creating a logo, website and business card. In the end of September the whole brand and concept of Elistra Consulting is ready. Quite a journey but an experience and most rewarding. Client more than satisfied for sure!


Website > Clean and simpel design with interactive map and edited iPhone photo of the office exterior

Logo > Designed as clean and with simplicity with a positive colour

Business card > With a more edgier shorter format than regular business cards and with the logo centered on the front side and contact info centered on the back side

Thursday 27 December 2012

Before & After Strategy and Psychology during a Photo shoot • Tuesday 7th August

In August Elin who has worked for the Swedish Government at Regeringskansliet in Stockholm have started her own consultancy company Elistra Consulting, returned to Malmö. We did a last selection of the approx. 300 photos taken during her shoot in June.
Elin declared before the shoot that she had total "camera phobia" and was never satisfied with any of the photos that had been taken of her before. So it was very interesting to look at all the photos together.
During those 3 hours of photographing I made sure that Elin was comfortable and made her a part of the shoot by constantly updating her by looking at the photos, having a chat & coffee etc.
Here is the one of the first images taken and one of the last (which now is on her website) where you can see the difference in confidence and expression. A transformation from a more vague uncertain state of mind to business woman. This was a good challenge and experience in both photography and psychology.

3 hours later one of the last photos which is used for Elistra Consulting website

One of the first of approx. 300 photos 

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Gallery in Finland ready for Exhibition! • Monday 16th July

I had my doubts that the gallery in Helsinki was going to be ready in time for my exhibition, judging from the photo they mailed me in the beginning of June of the ongoing construction.
However much to my surprise they sent me in mid July an new image of the actual gallery space I am going to exhibit in November. Looks like they finished in time and the space turned out just amazing!!

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte - Studio Gallery Space: After (left image) and Before (right image)

Tuesday 25 December 2012

Preparations for Helsinki exhibition & hectic autumn • Tuesday 5th June

In the beginning of June I received floorplans and info from Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in Finland. They informed me that they have moved to a new location in central Helsinki. The new place is an old cinema and have been re-designed by an architect and is now under construction and should be ready by the end of August. By looking at the construction images I had my doubts they should be ready in time. 

I started preparations by making an 3D model of their floorplan they´d mailed me. By now, standard procedure for every exhibition. 

Also I got to know that I will have in all 5 exhibitions this upcoming November-December ...time to get to work.

My 3D model of the floorplan and below construction photos taken in the soon to be gallery space. 
Damn! ...will they be finished in time for my exhibition?

PS. After an intensive and hectic autumn I will now do an update in retrospect of my Blog. DS.