Saturday 19 October 2013

Directing Four Rolling Trucks for Photoshoot for TRANSPORT COMPANY • Friday 11th October 2013

The shoot for the truck and cargo company was going to take place on Thrusday but due to rain and dark skies it was postponed to the day after. Friday was a bit better but still cloudy and mild rain. I started out with some office staff photos and later in the middle of the shoot I found myself standing on a rainy bridge over the motorway, directing a line of 4 heavy trucks passing on the road under me. After a bit of editing with a lot of Brightness added the client were all satisfied.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Photoshoot for SKURUPS KOMMUN • Friday 4th October 2013

Last Friday I did a Photoshoot for Skurups Kommun which is 20 minutes train journey south east from Malmö. The city has won a prize for the best elderly care facilities in Sweden.

 I was comissioned to take photographs showing the ongoing project and was a bit concerned about how the atmosphere and mood was going to be at the center. Have to say that I was most impress by both the staff and elders who were all cheerful and had created an amazing environment with interior design, activities, cat, hen yard, orangery.
The indoor shoots had a lot of mixed lights. Large windows with 6000 K light from the outside, blended with warm 3200 K indoor strip light in the ceiling. Tricky, but in conclusion the shoot turned out excellent with many good photographs.