Wednesday 19 March 2014

Photo, Graphic Design & Website for ARTIST HÅKAN BRING • Sunday 2nd March 2014

Artist Håkan Bring in Stockholm have been active exhibiting his paintings and making performances since the mid 80s. He have wanted to make an website for quite some time now and had contact with other artist who had promised to create his website but without any result.

In January Håkan contacted me and it was decided that I should make his whole professional presentation including; website, logo, photo and business card. After initial preparations as purchase of domain adress etc. I packed my equipment and computer and to the train to Stockholm in mid February and on saturday the 15th we spent a whole day arranging his studio space and taking photographs for the website. He wanted a portrait of him in the studio however not an traditional one and I needed some environment images of the studio.

Later back in Malmö I finished the logo and the one that was chosen was a quite simple name logo which has a clean design and fitted both website and business card.
The image that I chose for the front page was a "still life" of books and studio material with stored paintings in the background. With focus on Håkans spectacles on the books where you can see the reflection of the studio behind me in the lenses. The portrait photo was an image of Håkan a bit blurred by him moving around in a chair in his studio.

Both photo, website and graphic design of business card and logo were well received and job well done.

Thursday 6 March 2014

Shoot for TRANSPORT COMPANY • Monday 3rd for March 2014

Another photoshoot for a trucks and transport company was commissioned me. It was a bit of a tough cookie as that day was a bit grey with drizzling rain. Also the owners of the company were not sure what kind of images they wanted. 

After a bit of consulting we took images of their vehicles and drivers in them. Also we had trucks driving in Jakriborg outside Malmö and near Turning Torso. Due to filters and god old Photoshop I managed to turn the greenness and rain to sunshine.

Here below you can see original photo taken in a cloudy, gray and rainy Malmö. Above it the final edited image where the dark and dull image is lightened and the blue and white clouds are emphasized.