Monday 29 July 2013

SYDVÄST Boatcovers & Sunsails in Svarte • Website, Logo, Business card & Photo • Thursday 25th of July 2013

Thursday last week I started the commission for Sydväst Kapell & Solsegel in Svarte, which is by the sea at beautiful Östelen, in the south east of Skåne. Pär and Charlotte, two sailing enthusiasts, contacted me 2011 regarding an idea to start a company that would make boat covers, sails and sun sails. They initially wanted me to do the logo. Now 2 years later they have finally started the business and want me to do their website, photos and business card as well as the logo. 
Last Thursday I packed my photo equipment, computer and sketching material (different, pens, markers etc) and took the train to Svarte. We worked from 10:30 am to 5 pm. Before lunch we bought the domain and choose a web host. For lunch we drove to the restaurant Blentarps Gästgiveri, where they had installed their first sun sail over the outdoor terrace. Here we ate and after I took some photos. In the afternoon we decided on a typeface and colours for the logo. Just before leaving for Malmö I managed to take some quick photos of the workshop where they manufacture their sails. It's an amazing place with raw brick walls, old sewing machines and other great tools that gives a feeling of the trade tradition and craftsmanship.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Portrait Photography of Children • 14th of June 2013

In early May Erika contacted me as she wanted to take portraits of her three sons. 
We had a good talk about this and I made it clear that I am not shooting ordinary child photographs. I however take portrait photographs of children. I think the difference is immense. Child photographers tend to take quite kitsch images of children on a fur, or in a crib with a rattle and baby clothes with pastel colors, turning them into stereotypesMy style is to take portratis of children in the same way as adults. Images that shows their character and personality. This was exactly what the client wanted. 

So the studio was prepared the evening  before and the same evening I went through the routines and planned the concept and what kind of images that were going to be taken. I also notified Erika to bring some of their toys etc. After 2 hours of shooting and many more editing the pictures turned out great!