Sunday 31 July 2011

Reconnaissance for Wedding 6th July • Saturday 30th June

Yesterday I was out at near the bridge, Öresundsbron (that goes from Malmö to Copehangen) to do reconnaissance photography for the photo shoot of Klaus & Karin who gets married on Saturday. Klaus is from Denmark and Karin is Swedish, so they want to be photographed on a location that is a symbol of their meeting. A lot of rain that afternoon during the shoot but the the environment and images came out just spot on.

TOPKNOT • First photo commission for fw-photography! • Saturday 12th February

I have shoot a lot of commissions over the years however my first official photo assignment was portraits for the hair dresser company TOPKNOT in Malmö. I took half-body portraits of the staff in my studio and the photos were later cropped for their website:

Friday 15 July 2011

New images from Fashion photoshoot • Sunday 6th June 2011

Now, some of the pictures from the fashion shoot is published on my website. Here you have some nice action pictures from the shoot. Thanks again for a great day to the wonderful team; Model - Linda Åkesson, Make-up - Amani, Hair - Sofi Johansson, Styling -Cecilia Jägenmark

In the middle of the photoshoot Cecilia, who where in charge of Lindas clothes and the collapsible reflector, started to make a spontaneous performance. It is unclear it if this was an act of an momentarely inspiration based on her interest in the art of dance  ...or if it was just the wind?

...and now the final, Applause!!

Sofi Johansson from Team Hon & Han created the hair of the model

Amani El-Ali does make-up on the model Linda before the shoot 

Sophie and Cecilia just stepped down from shooting on the roof of a garage. Amani watched from the ground because of security reasons (and a bit of vertigo)Cecilia felt heavy metal inspired afterwards as certified in the picture.