Monday 22 August 2011

Jan & sons in my studio • Portrait photography • 15th August 2011

During the summer bank manager and art connoisseur Jan Watteus has been on holiday in Malmö. I showed Jan and his sons the judgetower at Jägersro Horse Racing track in Malmö at the Swedish Derby last Sunday 14th August. Here they saw how I take the photograph when the horses passes the final of the race. 
The day after on Monday 15th of August Jan and visited my studio to look at my art and at the same time get some portrait photos of his sons Elvin and Moltas. The images were taken in my studio at CirkulatonsCentralen at Norra Sorgenfri in Malmö. I also took some images outside on an abandoned yard with a grafitti wall as a backdrop. 

Monday 15 August 2011

My first SLR camera [•]

Min first SLR camera! A Pentax Spotmatic which belonged to the family and which I photographed a lot with when we visited our relatives on our holidays in Sri Lanka. Completely manual and I used either Ilford black and white 125 ASA or KodakChrome 200 ASA slide film.
I must have been around 9-10 years old and I still remember the smell of the leather from the camera when you looked through the viewfinder, feel of the lens grip when adjusting the sharpness, the clicking of the aperture ring and the precision to put the film strip correctly over the small cogwheels inside the camera.

Wedding photography • Saturday 6th July • Editing in progress!

Last saturday I photographed Klaus & Karin´s wedding. I followed the weather forecast every day a week in advance in hope that the mandatory Swedish summer rain would not take place. In the end it became a beautiful day with good weather and lost of sunshine. Nice and joyful atmoshpere and we shot over 600 pictures in several different places. Editing is in progress!

Sunday 7 August 2011

fw-photography • My studio! • Sunday 31st July

Here is my great studio with tripods, flashes all rigged and ready for a photoshoot. An excellent space in connection to my own studio at Nobelvägen 125 in Malmö. I am looking forward of photographing you. Welcome! 

Photo shoot for ADNIIL INTERIOR, interior design website • Sunday 31st July 2011

Linda the model of the previous fashion shoot thought it was great fun to work with me so she contacted me shortly after and wanted take some pictures of her for the website of her newly established interior design company. So we had a couple of hours in the studio again.

 Linda just arrived in Malmö and getting ready for the photo shoot.  

In 4 hours we managed to take business woman portrait, portrait with work clothes and a couple of shadow photos. All this toghether with coffe and a couple of Danish pastries aswell. The shadow images were not planned and was something that was created in the moment of inspiration. They will become an extra additional feature on her website. Check out the images on the website at: