Sunday 25 May 2014

Photo shoot for KAZOOM FASHION • 2013 - 2014

Under Construction -  Image & Text will be updated soon!

Saturday 24 May 2014

Photo shoot for Industrial Company & Business Networking Association • Thursday 8th of May

This Thursday turned out to be a long run. Up in the early morning to drive to the harbor area of Malmö for a 3,5 hours long photo shoot for an industrial company.

Drove back home for quick lunch and headed of again to the centre to photograph an event with lectures and mingle for the business network group Affärsnätverket Västra Hamnen in Malmö. Long day!

Monday 12 May 2014

Photo Commission for FIRE BRIGADE - RÄDDNINGSTJÄNST • Monday 12th of May 2014

On a cloudy and rainy Monday I headed of up north outside Malmö to shoot the joint fire brigades. I arrived early morning and after a cup of coffee and short briefing by the fire Captain I got to work.

Photos of the stations, vehicles, firemen and the personnel from the both brigades in various emergency exercises. My favorite images of the day were the portraits of the different firemen and especially the photos of a fire woman which turned out excellent.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Rainy Day at the Racing Track • Wednesday 7th of May 2014

Todays horse race was rainy, dull and dark. Not the best circumstances to work as a photographer and especially not the best weather to drive home after work with my Vespa. 

On the other hand I managed to take this iPhone photo which reminded me of 1700th Century French and English landscape paintings. 

Sunday 4 May 2014

Anniversary & Family Studio Photo Shoot • Saturday 26th March 2014

In the end of February I was contacted and asked to do a shoot for a 50 year birthday anniversary. We decided that it would be a studio shoot involving the sister who was going to be celebrated and her family on the day of her birthday.

On Saturday I packed my equipment and headed of to the studio. I was still a bit tired from the restaurant & food shoot the day before but in good spirits. Well at the studio I discovered that my white background paper was finished. So I had to rush to the photo shop and buy a new roll. A bit of stress however I got the studio up and ready just when the people arrived. 

After 1,5 hours of shooting everyone were happy I was rewarded with a bottle of excellent Italian wine. 

Saturday 3 May 2014

Photo Shoot at Amazing Mansion KATRINETORPS • Friday 25th March 2014

The other Friday I was commissioned to shoot food just outside the centre of Malmö. I was quite surprised that just minutes outside Limhamn where I live, is a huge rural 1700 century mansion Katrinetorps Landeri with stables, park and vegetable garden. Here I photographed the ongoing work in the kitchen and steaming food straight from the hot stove. 

Much of the food is grown and picked from the big vegetable garden directly outside the kitchen. After the shoot I had my lunch here and have to say that the food was absolutely stunning.

...and here below are some iPhone images of the mansion

Saturday 12 April 2014

Season Premiere at Malmö Horse Racing Track • Sunday 6th of April 2014

After winter break today was the Season Premiere at Malmö Horse Racing Track. Camera is set, computers swithced on and the exposure trigger is ready to be pressed for the first race.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Photo, Graphic Design & Website for ARTIST HÅKAN BRING • Sunday 2nd March 2014

Artist Håkan Bring in Stockholm have been active exhibiting his paintings and making performances since the mid 80s. He have wanted to make an website for quite some time now and had contact with other artist who had promised to create his website but without any result.

In January Håkan contacted me and it was decided that I should make his whole professional presentation including; website, logo, photo and business card. After initial preparations as purchase of domain adress etc. I packed my equipment and computer and to the train to Stockholm in mid February and on saturday the 15th we spent a whole day arranging his studio space and taking photographs for the website. He wanted a portrait of him in the studio however not an traditional one and I needed some environment images of the studio.

Later back in Malmö I finished the logo and the one that was chosen was a quite simple name logo which has a clean design and fitted both website and business card.
The image that I chose for the front page was a "still life" of books and studio material with stored paintings in the background. With focus on Håkans spectacles on the books where you can see the reflection of the studio behind me in the lenses. The portrait photo was an image of Håkan a bit blurred by him moving around in a chair in his studio.

Both photo, website and graphic design of business card and logo were well received and job well done.

Thursday 6 March 2014

Shoot for TRANSPORT COMPANY • Monday 3rd for March 2014

Another photoshoot for a trucks and transport company was commissioned me. It was a bit of a tough cookie as that day was a bit grey with drizzling rain. Also the owners of the company were not sure what kind of images they wanted. 

After a bit of consulting we took images of their vehicles and drivers in them. Also we had trucks driving in Jakriborg outside Malmö and near Turning Torso. Due to filters and god old Photoshop I managed to turn the greenness and rain to sunshine.

Here below you can see original photo taken in a cloudy, gray and rainy Malmö. Above it the final edited image where the dark and dull image is lightened and the blue and white clouds are emphasized.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Snow & The Sublime Experienced from Malmö Oil Harbour • 30th of January - 18th of February 2014

On one of my ordinary jobs I have the excellent possibility to accesses the highest roof tops in Malmö. Here on this snowy day I just had to pull out and use my iPhone even thou my fingers froze in the windy - 7C degrees to take a couple of panoramas of a yet sleepy morning Malmö.

Saturday 15 February 2014

EMPORIA • Photo Commission for CONSTRUCTION DETAIL COMPANY with Extreme Light Conditions • Tuesday 4th of February 2014

A new job was commissioned me and I packed my bags and went to the huge quite newly built shopping centre Emporia in Malmö. I was going to shoot for one of the companies which were contracted to proved with most of the construction fittings.

A very difficult photo shoot dealing with situations as; a portrait photo of a tense, nervous and almost reluctant director, images of co-workers posing, different lights ranging from 3000 - 8000 Kelving degrees in the same image, loads of commercial signs and reflections in windows etc. ...well you name it. A bit stressful but the shoot went all well and the company were well satisfied with the images.

Friday 14 February 2014

Project for Women & Domestic Violence in • Thursday 23rd of January 2014

Mitra is a project created by Iranian born Bahare Andersson dealing with woman exposed to domestic violence. A sensitive subject and i was commissioned to take photographs for promoting the project by Hörby Kommun. As this is a delicate subject I couldn´t use the actual people in the project. So I engaged the co-workers working in the building of Hörby Kommun as models acting as they were in the project.

For emphasizing the sensitivity of the project and subject I used a lot of unsharpness and lightness throughout the shoot. An email was forwarded med where the co-workers at Hörby Kommun expressed that they loved my work. A good days work!

Wednesday 22 January 2014

EXHIBITION from Lectures & Workshops 2013 • 21st of January to 3rd of December 2013

During the years I have been lecturing a lot. Mostly in art schools and at the university. Since four years ago I have also been lecturing commissioned by the City of Malmö at elementary school which has been very rewarding.

During autumn 2013 I was commissioned to lecture and do workshops by Swedish national foundation for art, Konstfrämjandet. I was signed to work with sixth graders at Storkskolan in Blentarp near Sjöbo outside Malmö.

Usually I have been lecturing about; democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of religious views, womans rights, anti organized crime, anti violence etc. Even for this longer project I used the same topics and also as I knew that many inhabitants of the city of Sjöbo during the World War II were supporters of the Nazi regime in Germany a lot of the focus on the lectures were in racism and nazism. 

After 4 lectures and 3 workshops and a lot of work the children's work of posters and printed T-shirts were displayed at Gallery St: Gertrud in Malmö in January 2014 with an grand opening with lemonade, crisps and candy.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Photo Shoot for TOOL & MACHINERY SHOP • Monday 9th January 2014

Close to Malmö you find Arlöv where the company selling industrial machinery and equipment. I was commissioned to shoot for their business in January. Well on site and unpacking my equipment i realized that I had taken on a tough shoot. 
Most interior lights had different warmth / Kelvin and a bit messy and untidy environment in general.

However the shoot went fine. For the portrait of the owner I had him lift up very high up in the air by a fork-lift truck using the nice retro neon sing as a back drop.
Images in the workshop and in the store were all white balanced as well as I could and some black & white silhouette images from the workshop came out great.

Saturday 18 January 2014

Artist Website, Graphic Design & Photo for SCULPTOR • Sunday 8th December 2013

As a combination of a birthday present and fathers day present I created a website and business card for my Dad. He has been active as an artist and sculptor both in Sweden as abroad with many exhibitions and public commissions behind him.

I took on the challenge to do a webiste and business card to him and during a span of 2 weeks it was done and ready.

The graphic design is simpel and clean which is mostly required by artist and I mixed his old studio photographs of his sculptures together with my own photographs taken both with an professional camera as well as taken with my iPhone in his studio. The mix of these two techniques turned out well. The first two images are taken with my professional camera and the last two images taken in my dad´s studio are taken with my iPhone.

Friday 17 January 2014

Comission of Photo, Graphic Profile, Website for SYDVÄST BÅTKAPELL & SOLSEGEL Completed • Friday 6th of December 2013

After many hours and a lot of work finally the job Sydväst Båtkapell & Solsegel is finished.
The owners of Sydväst contacted med actually approximately 3 years ago. Then living near Gothenborg on the west coast of Sweden they had thoughts starting a company making boat covers and sun sails. At the moment they wondered if I could make a logo for them.

However we lost contact due to them moving to Svarte in South Sweden and the fact that they didn´t know if they were going to start the business or not.
In the beginning of summer 2013 they contacted me again as they then finally had started the company and were now in production.

On our first meeting I suggested that I should make an holistic graphic design package together with photographs. After accepting the deal we had numerous meetings during the summer and autumn envolving photoshoots, graphic design issues etc. 

After a couple of months and many working hours the logo with a beautiful font and form resembling a billowing sail, website with images shot in their production studio, at sea and at a restaurant where a sun sail was installed and finally a nice business card ...the job was done and finished.