Friday 17 January 2014

Comission of Photo, Graphic Profile, Website for SYDVÄST BÅTKAPELL & SOLSEGEL Completed • Friday 6th of December 2013

After many hours and a lot of work finally the job Sydväst Båtkapell & Solsegel is finished.
The owners of Sydväst contacted med actually approximately 3 years ago. Then living near Gothenborg on the west coast of Sweden they had thoughts starting a company making boat covers and sun sails. At the moment they wondered if I could make a logo for them.

However we lost contact due to them moving to Svarte in South Sweden and the fact that they didn´t know if they were going to start the business or not.
In the beginning of summer 2013 they contacted me again as they then finally had started the company and were now in production.

On our first meeting I suggested that I should make an holistic graphic design package together with photographs. After accepting the deal we had numerous meetings during the summer and autumn envolving photoshoots, graphic design issues etc. 

After a couple of months and many working hours the logo with a beautiful font and form resembling a billowing sail, website with images shot in their production studio, at sea and at a restaurant where a sun sail was installed and finally a nice business card ...the job was done and finished. 

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