Friday 17 June 2011

Fashion photo shoot • Monday 6th June

On the Swedish National Day it was time for fashion photography. 
An excellent day which was first spent in my studio, then on a metal junkyard, factory area, lunch up in the Turning Torso and finally out in the city centre. Eight hours and a tough working day in the sun and at the same time we all had lots of fun. The super-professional team was: Model - Linda Åkesson, Make-up- Amani, Hair - Sofi Johansson and finally, clothes and driver who did everything from preventing herself to lift and blow away with the ligth reflector during the photoshoot was Cecilia Jägenmark. Thank you all for a job well done :-)

Saturday 4 June 2011

Spontaneous photo shoot became bike portrait • Friday 3rd June

Nice day yesterday:) Went over to my friend the photographer Bengt Wedhorn to borrow his reflector screen for upcoming fashion photo shoot on Monday. On the way home I passed two guys talking on the pavement next to an old Harley. Walked home and grabbed my camera and went back to ask if a spontaneous photo shoot was ok. Hans Månsson posed in front of a cool concrete wall that I found a block away and his friend assisted with with the light reflector during the shoot. The photo shoot was over in less than 20 minutes and the portrait came out great.

Opening at Dunkers Kulturhus "Mama Maasai" with Ewa-Marie Johansson • Thursday 26th May

Last week I was at the opening of Ewa Marie Johansson's exhibition at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg. Always nice to meet her and excellent black and white photos she has taken of Maasai women with her Hasselblad during a 25 year periodNext week she goes to Milan to take photographs for Italian Vogue .. what great contrast!