Wednesday 22 January 2014

EXHIBITION from Lectures & Workshops 2013 • 21st of January to 3rd of December 2013

During the years I have been lecturing a lot. Mostly in art schools and at the university. Since four years ago I have also been lecturing commissioned by the City of Malmö at elementary school which has been very rewarding.

During autumn 2013 I was commissioned to lecture and do workshops by Swedish national foundation for art, Konstfrämjandet. I was signed to work with sixth graders at Storkskolan in Blentarp near Sjöbo outside Malmö.

Usually I have been lecturing about; democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of religious views, womans rights, anti organized crime, anti violence etc. Even for this longer project I used the same topics and also as I knew that many inhabitants of the city of Sjöbo during the World War II were supporters of the Nazi regime in Germany a lot of the focus on the lectures were in racism and nazism. 

After 4 lectures and 3 workshops and a lot of work the children's work of posters and printed T-shirts were displayed at Gallery St: Gertrud in Malmö in January 2014 with an grand opening with lemonade, crisps and candy.

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