Thursday, 27 December 2012

Before & After Strategy and Psychology during a Photo shoot • Tuesday 7th August

In August Elin who has worked for the Swedish Government at Regeringskansliet in Stockholm have started her own consultancy company Elistra Consulting, returned to Malmö. We did a last selection of the approx. 300 photos taken during her shoot in June.
Elin declared before the shoot that she had total "camera phobia" and was never satisfied with any of the photos that had been taken of her before. So it was very interesting to look at all the photos together.
During those 3 hours of photographing I made sure that Elin was comfortable and made her a part of the shoot by constantly updating her by looking at the photos, having a chat & coffee etc.
Here is the one of the first images taken and one of the last (which now is on her website) where you can see the difference in confidence and expression. A transformation from a more vague uncertain state of mind to business woman. This was a good challenge and experience in both photography and psychology.

3 hours later one of the last photos which is used for Elistra Consulting website

One of the first of approx. 300 photos 

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