Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Preparations for Helsinki exhibition & hectic autumn • Tuesday 5th June

In the beginning of June I received floorplans and info from Photographic Gallery Hippolyte in Finland. They informed me that they have moved to a new location in central Helsinki. The new place is an old cinema and have been re-designed by an architect and is now under construction and should be ready by the end of August. By looking at the construction images I had my doubts they should be ready in time. 

I started preparations by making an 3D model of their floorplan they´d mailed me. By now, standard procedure for every exhibition. 

Also I got to know that I will have in all 5 exhibitions this upcoming November-December ...time to get to work.

My 3D model of the floorplan and below construction photos taken in the soon to be gallery space. 
Damn! ...will they be finished in time for my exhibition?

PS. After an intensive and hectic autumn I will now do an update in retrospect of my Blog. DS.

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